Protocol 9


Contact and touching of a child must be kept to a minimum, e.g. gun position and adjustment etc. This must only be done by a specified member with another member present. Take care when helping a vulnerable adult. Do not rush them or shout at them etc.

Should injury occur during a club event inform first aid man and person in charge. Obtain names and addresses of witnesses. Enter details in accident book.

Should you witness any abuse or bullying of a child or vulnerable adult report this to the person in charge. Obtain details of other witnesses.

Take note of any previous visible injuries to a child or vulnerable adult. Advise parents/carers etc. That there may be bruising of the shoulder.

Should there be any misbehaviour of a child or vulnerable adult, especially if he is in possession of a gun, necessary restraint may be used. Advise person in charge of details who may expel the person from the location.

If there is any interference from parents or others, especially when a child is in the gun cage, stop shooting, take child back to parents/carers, tell person in charge who will take any necessary action. Always make sure spectators are behind the barrier.

If you consider that a child or vulnerable adult is not physically or mentally capable, e.g. of using a gun, advise the person in charge who will finally assess the child or vulnerable adult and take the necessary action.

Advise the person in charge if you notice anyone who takes undue interest in a child, takes photographs or videos etc.

Only a specified member may transport a child and he must be accompanied by another member unless a parent/carer is present.

Every member must endeavour to make sure that an unsuitable person does not become a member of the club.

There must be no bullying or discrimination of a child or vulnerable adult. If any member witnesses anything of this kind he must report it to the person in charge.

At a clay shoot children and vulnerable adults must be directed to join a group which includes a specified coach.

There must be no bullying, physical or verbal, by any member of the club or volunteer. Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who does so.

Should you have any complaint, concern, or grievance please inform, in private, the person in charge and the chairman of the club who will deal with the matter confidentially.

Any complaint by a person, including those outside the club, e.g. a parent of a child or vulnerable adult etc. Should be referred to the person in charge and the chairman.

Any serious incident of abuse, grievance, complaint, concern, etc. Is to be documented and securely stored.

Any abuse witnessed, including abuse by another member of the club must be reported.

Protection of children and vulnerable adults policy


C & va’s equals children and vulnerable adults. A child is any person under the age of 18. A vulnerable adult is any person aged 18 or over who:

A) is in need of assistance by reason of mental, physical or learning disability, age or illness and who:

B) is unable to take care of him or herself or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or serious exploitation which may be occasioned by the acts or omissions of other people.

1. Objectives

The amber valley shooting club recognises that all c & va’s have the right to freedom from abuse.

This document sets out the policy and procedures to be adopted when dealing with c & va’s in any of its activities.

2. Application

2.1 this policy applies to all members and volunteers, who in any way deal with or manage activities involving c & va’s on behalf of the club.

2.2 an individual employed by the amber valley shooting club, either full-time, part-time, consultant, or contractual basis.

2.3 a volunteer is any person, not being a member, who has agreed to take part in, assist in, or direct any event for the amber valley shooting club. It must also be borne in mind that this policy will only practically affect volunteers who are considered to have significant contact with c & va’s, e.g. Someone who regularly takes charge of small groups of children to give a twenty-minute talk, or shoot a shotgun, is clearly a person within the policy. On the other hand three helpers brought along on the day purely to assist that individual will not.

2.4 the policy applies at all times and is subject to annual review.


This policy and guidance will be effective from 1st December 2008 and was revised in December 2018 by Alan James.

3.1 responsibility for implementing and reviewing the policy is that of the chairperson in association with the club members. Reviews will be carried out over the following points annually:

3.1.1 the relevancy of the policy to current circumstances.

3.1.2 the effectiveness of the policy during the preceding year.

3.1.3 the need to extend the policy to meet anticipated changes in legislation or the amber valley shooting club’s activities.
3.2 all members of the club and volunteers have a responsibility to ensure the policy and guidance is administered effectively.

4. Procedure

4.1 the amber valley shooting club

4.1.1 the amber valley shooting club, through its members will respond swiftly and appropriately to all suspicions or allegations of abuse, by providing c & va’s parents, carers and others with the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have. Only “specified members” may come into direct contact with c & va’s.

4.1.2 the amber valley shooting club will ensure access to all confidential information is restricted to the chairman, secretary and the appropriate external authorities. This not only includes data normally required to be held under data protection act 1998, but also any information known about a case that is not elsewhere recorded. For example, the appropriate people in the proper circumstances are the only people authorised to question witnesses to incidents or enquire about the surrounding details.

4.1.3 all allegations made by c & va’s will be taken seriously and acted upon immediately. No individual is empowered to make a value judgement upon the veracity of a statement made by c & va’s or other person reporting abuse. All cases must be reported immediately to the person in charge and as soon as possible to the chairman. Names and addresses of other witnesses to be taken

4.2 person in charge

4.2.1 the club will have in place at all events a person in charge appointed from members of the club and defined as follows:-

A) acting as contact facilitator for other members, parents, c & va’s and for other organisations such as social services, police, or local authorities should a problem relating to abuse arise.

B) informing the chairman then the appropriate authorities if a c or va or other makes a complaint about possible abuse.

C) promoting the club’s policy by answering enquiries where appropriate and keeping abreast of developments in legislation.

D) record and update where necessary, the contact details for the nearest police c & va protection unit, police station for general enquiries and social services department with c & va protection responsibilities.

4.2.2 the person in charge should not refer a matter directly to the authorities without first consulting with the club chairman/secretary.

4.2.3 it is important to note that the person in charge ‘is not expected to be an expert’ and does not have a mandate to site judgement on any person or case. The principle task is to ensure that a c or va gets the support and protection he/she deserves and to act as a link to the professional caring agencies.

4.3 members and volunteers

4.3.1 members selected to work with c & va’s should follow the following minimum standard to ensure all aspects of the policy are adequately maintained:

A) members will be told that c & va protection procedures are to be used in selection to work with c & va, this will require them to undergo formal checks to disclose their suitability.

B) in case of members, the normal procedure concerning a person of good standing who would give a reference will go towards a member’s suitability and experience with c & va’s.

C) in case of volunteers, a member of the club can vouch for any particular individual, taking steps they deem necessary in order to establish bona fide. For example: if a person’s background is already well known to a member through a great deal of direct contact then they may give a verbal adherence of suitability. If a volunteer is only known by reputation or minimal contact them a reference should be sought after. It is always best practice to obtain a written reference.

D) all prospective and existing members will be required to fill in and sign a revised entry form. This enables the club to comply with insurance guidelines and prevent any unsuitable person becoming a member of the club.

4.4 general points

4.4.1 there is no necessity for a volunteer to repeatedly provide references if they reappear at subsequent events. Provided the initial check is satisfactory then that is enough unless there is a long lapse in contact with the volunteer by the amber valley shooting club.

4.4.2 where it is not obvious how this policy covers a specific situation, discretion and common sense should be exercised at all times when dealing with c & va’s. The person in charge should have the chairman present if he needs to question a child about an incident, ‘gun fit’ should be done in view of other adults at a shooting line, etc. None of these statements obviates the occasional necessity for children to be left alone with trusted members or volunteers.

4.4.3 all details of volunteers will be forwarded to, and lodged with the club secretary.

5. bullying and discrimination

The club will, not tolerate bullying in all its forms, mental and physical, and discrimination. Any incident of this is to be reported to the person in charge immediately and to the chairman as soon as possible. Names and addresses of other witnesses to be obtained.

6. incidents

Any incident at a club event to do with c & va’s and health and safety is to be reported to the person in charge and the chairman.

It is essential that names and addresses of other witnesses preferably not connected with the club, e.g. Spectators, other competitors etc., be obtained.

7. This policy and protocol 9 is to be read and understood by all members of Amber Valley Shooting Club and volunteers.

8. this policy and protocol 9 is a continuation of the policy for health and safety and is to be read in conjunction with them.

9. contact

Police child protection unit: 08451233333

Police station: 08451233333

Social services: 08456 058 058/ 01773 728 222 (out of hours number)

Health & safety and protection of children and vulnerable adults
10 responsibilities:

Person in overall charge (chairman): Alan James

Secretary: Alan Barratt

Person in charge of shooting ground & clay shoots: Alan Barrett

Assistant: Alan James

Person in charge of shooting on farmers land: Alan James

Person in charge of other activities, e.g. farmers evening: Alan James

All the above are “specified persons”

Risk assessments will be undertaken by Alan James

Findings of risk assessments reported to Alan James

Action required to remove/control risks will be approved by Alan James

Persons in charge of training: Alan Barratt & Alan James

First aid box will be kept on the trailer.

Accident book will be kept by Alan Barratt.

Incident book will be kept by Alan Barratt who will also keep all documentation etc.

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