Protocol 7


  1. The storage cabin is to be kept tidy with clear passage down centre of cabin to door.
  2. Employers insurance certificate, health & safety law poster, safe lifting diagram and any other notices to be displayed in cabin.
  3. Fire extinguishers to be kept in cabin.  To be checked at regular intervals.
  4. Diesel for tractor to be stored in a suitable can, suitably marked.  Spillage to be avoided.  To be kept in cabin.  Take care when transporting from supplier etc.
  5. Tractor to be driven by a competent member who is in possession of an appropriate driving licence. No other person is to ride on the tractor or trailer
  6. Tractor and trailer to be maintained as required together with full inspection every year.
  7. Take care when loading and unloading trailer.  Note correct lifting diagram in cabin.  Also when carrying traps, clays etc. To stands.
  8. Conservation work: – no less than two persons to take part.  Work to be planned at a meeting and possible hazards discussed.  Tools especially sharp and motorised, only to be used by members skilled in their use.
  9. Wear suitable clothing and footwear.
  10. Place red flags and signs each end of footpath on shooting ground and remove when finished shooting.
  11. In windy weather position shoot stand such that shot/clay pieces do not fall on shooters/spectators.
  12. Ensure traps not cocked when lifting.
  13. Cartridges to be kept in locked box.  Ensure cabin is locked.
  14. Always use shoot cages with sporting clay shoots.
  15. First aid box to be kept in cabin.