Protocol 6


  1. Gun a lethal weapon – check barrels free from obstruction.  Do not leave gun and cartridges unattended lock in car boot.
  2. Carrying gun in sleeve on highway and public places.
  3. Carrying gun broken, cartridges removed, espeically when climbing gates, stiles etc.  Automatic open.
  4. Safety catch.  Gun malfunction, wait 20 secs barrels pointing down before breaking gun and checking cartridges.
  5. Correct loading of gun.  Barrels pointing down.  Never carry mixed cartridge sizes.
  6. Check line of sight and position of other shooters.
  7. Do not shoot where line of sight is obstructed e.g. into bushes etc.
  8. If anyone approaches you break gun and remove cartridges.  If it’s the police lay gun on ground.  Be polite, carry licence.
  9. Correct unloading of gun.
  10. Do not rest gun against wall, fence etc.
  11. Wear suitable clothing and footwear.  Nothing loose to catch gun.
  12. Dogs to be kept on lead on highways and public places and under control on land.
  13. Be aware of any farm animals and farm machinery.
  14. Parking of vehicles – no hinderance to farmer and public.
  15. Be aware of public footpaths etc. Do not shoot towards these.
  16. Damage to walls, fences etc. To be repaired whether caused by you or others.  If not possible report damage to farmer.  Ensure gates are closed.
  17. Cartridge cases, boxes and other litter to be picked up and taken away.
  18. New members and young shots to be given particular attention.
  19. Avoid shooting adjacent to houses.
  20. Eye and ear protection.
  21. No alcohol or drugs – ban from shoot if under influence of.
  22. Fall of shot and quarry.
  23. Do not get involved with “antis” if they approach you walk away.
  24. Carry a torch and mobile phone.
  25. Report to farmer, his wife etc. And check where farmer will be working and any other contractors.
  26. Try to have another member with you.
  27. Let someone know where you will be shooting and farm telephone no. Especially if shooting alone.
  28. If shooting with a rifle make doubly sure no person, farmer, contractor, and animal etc. In vicinity. No air shots.  Always ensure there is a bank or other stop for bullet behind quarry, target etc.