Protocol 2

Talk at clay shoot prior to shoot. To be given by person in charge.

Items to be incorporated in talk:- advise attendees of the need for eyes and ear protection and that all shooters should be vigilant whilst shooting is in progress as safety must be a priority.

All members should be aware of the items identified below.

  1. Gun – a lethal weapon.  Check barrels free from obstruction and cartridges.
  2. Carrying gun in sleeve.  Do not leave gun and cartridges unattended.
  3. Carrying gun broken – cartridge removed – pump actions semi-automatic open.
  4. Correct loading of gun when in cage – position of barrels pointing down.  Never carry mixed cartridge sizes. Only fibre wad cartridges should be used.
  5. Safety catch.  Guns malfunction.  Wait 20 seconds barrels pointing down before breaking gun and checking cartridges.
  6. Pointing of gun when in cage – to ground.  Down range when about to fire.  Do not swing around or down line.
  7. Take note of anything marker tells you.  He’s in charge.
  8. Correct unloading of gun.
  9. Placing gun on ground.
  10. If you hear whistle or see red flag stop shooting break gun and remove cartridge.
  11. Only shooter and marker allowed at cage.
  12. Spectators and shooters waiting their turn shall stand behind barrier.
  13. Ensure gun is unloaded and broken when leaving cage.
  14. Warn of possible falling clays and shot.
  15. Ensure firm stance in cage – not standing on cartridge cases.
  16. Wear suitable clothing (nothing to catch on gun) and suitable footwear.
  17. Beware of farm machinery and tractor and trailer.
  18. Cars to be parked properly and not causing a hazard to farmer and public.
  19. Dogs to be kept on lead – not allowed in shoot cages.
  20. Eye and ear protection.
  21. No alcohol or drugs – removed from shooting ground if under influence of.
  22. Supervisor and markers in charge of shoot.  Identify them.
  23. Dogs left in cars – ensure adequate ventilation and shade.
  24. Please take away empty cartridge boxes and other litter.
  25. Users of semi-automatic shot guns should mark where their cartridges are thrown.
  26. Special attention to new and young shots.
  27. Do not distract shooters.  Turn off mobile phones when adjacent to shooters.