Protocol 1


Dear member

Welcome to the club for a further year and for our new members we hope you enjoy the clubs facilities and have safe shooting. We hope you will be able to attend as many meetings as possible in order to keep abreast of events and any changes to policy and safety.

Enclosed are lists of safety items on copies of protocols nos. 1 to 10 which we know you are all aware of but are necessary reminders in order to comply with health and safety guidelines.

If you require clarification of any of the items or training of any kind please do not hesitate to consult your safety officer Alan Barratt or any other committee member.

Should you notice any breaches of these safety items or become aware of any other safety hazards please report them immediately.

We wish you good and safe shooting for the coming year and please lock your guns and cartridges away when in the home, and in the car boot when out for a shoot.

Yours sincerely

Alan James